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What’s the first food you would put in your freezer? 

Here are some, as recommended by Peets Plaice fish shop in Southport. 

Lots of customers have been ordering more frozen food from us in the past few days, and we are happy to help. 

We began special deliveries to people’s homes in the Southport, Formby and West Lancashire area earlier last year, in addition to local businesses, when the coronavirus pandemic broke. 

Our Peets Plaice shop has been in Churchtown for the past six years serving a growing number of customers. 

Just visit and order via our Peets Plaice website or call us on: 01704 809340 and place your order.

Here is just a few of our items to stock up on: 


1 – Chapman’s Special Freezer Package

The new Chapman's Freezer Pack available at Peets Plaice in Southport
The new Chapman’s Freezer Pack available at Peets Plaice in Southport

Our Chapman’s Special Freezer Package includes an array of delicious treats for your freezer, mostly from renowned seafood firm Chapman’s. They include:

  • Chapman’s Salmon Wellingtons
  • Chapman’s Cod Wellingtons
  • Chapman’s Smoked Haddock Wellingtons
  • Chapman’s Handmade Gourmet Salmon Fish Cakes
  • Chapman’s Handmade Gourmet Haddock & Leek Fish Cakes
  • Chapman’s Handmade Gourmet Classic Fish Cakes
  • Chapman’s Deluxe Jumbo Cod Fish Fingers
  • Chapman’s Raw Jumbo King Prawns
  • Middleton Seafoods Wholetails of Breaded Scampi

Order Here:


2 – Fresh Fish Special Freezer Package


Salmon Fillets

We have put together a very special Fresh Fish Special Freezer Package for a great price to help you to stock up on your essentials. This frozen deal includes a variety of fresh fish packaged specially for the freezer. Deal includes:

4 Salmon Fillets

1 bag of Royal Arctic Prawns

2 Cod Loins

2 Hake Loins

2 Haddock Loins

2 Large Sea Bass Fillets

Order Here:


3 – Home Made Peets Plaice Fish Pie


Home made fish pie at Peets Plaice in Southport
Home made fish pie at Peets Plaice in Southport


Delicious home made fish pie.

Lovingly made with fresh pieces of white fish, salmon, smoked fish and peas to our secret recipe here at Peets Plaice in Southport. One of our best sellers.

Available in Large or Regular sizes.

Order Here:

4 – Potted Shrimps 4 for £14


Potted shrimps
Potted shrimps

Southport’s most famous delicacy. Potted shrimps caught and potted off the Southport coast by local fisherman and Peets Plaice owner Kevin Peet. Stunning melted over brown toast or crumpet or eaten cold with salad.

Order Here:


5 – Chapman’s Cod Wellington


Chapman's Cod Wellington
Chapman’s Cod Wellington

Cod Wellington topped with a cheese, prawn and mushroom sauce, wrapped in puff pastry and finished with coriander. Chapman’s Wellingtons are sensational. Think portions of fish with mouth watering sauces encased in a light puff pastry. Truly Delicious! Perfect for impressing your friends and family or just for a heart warming meal. Our Fish Wellingtons are irresistible.

We also sell Salmon Wellingtons and Smoked Haddock Wellingtons.

Order Cod Wellington Here:

Order Salmon Wellington Here:

Order Smoked Haddock Wellington Here:


6 – Home Made Peets Plaice Cottage Pie


Large Cottage Pie at Peets Plaice in Southport
Large Cottage Pie at Peets Plaice in Southport (Price on packaging was correct on date published and is subject to change)

Large home made Cottage Pie. 1kg.

Home made by Peets Plaice in Southport.

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7 – Chapman’s Jumbo Deluxe Cod Fillet Fingers


Fish fingers at Peets Plaice in Southport
Fish fingers at Peets Plaice in Southport

Jumbo Deluxe Cod Fillet Fingers from Chapman’s. A delicious deluxe large frozen fish finger made using prime cod fillet, simply coated in crispy breadcrumbs and ready to bake.

Best enjoyed with some fresh lemon drizzled over the top with some minted fresh peas, as well as some delicious crispy golden chips.

Order Here:

8 – Royal Arctic Prawns 1lb Bags



Arctic Royal luxury cold-water Prawns, perfect for sandwiches, salads or Jacket potatoes.

Delivered frozen in pre-packaged 1lb / 454g bags.

We also sell bags of Royal Arctic King Prawns.

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