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‘Peets 6 Healthy Fish’

A Southport fishmonger is promising to guarantee the freshest and healthiest food you will eat over 2021.

Kevin Peet, owner of the Peet’s Plaice shop in Churchtown, is particularly famous for the famous brown shrimps which he lands with his shrimper off the Southport coast. 

But here are six of our fish that will help you kick off a healthy start to 2021.


2. Prawns are a great source of high quality protein, and provide some of the most important vitamins and minerals that make up a healthy diet. They are surprisingly low in calories and are made up of extremely healthy cholesterol.  Prawns are extremely low in calories.
3. Cod is both a nutritious and full of flavour fish loaded with lean protein, vitamins, and minerals. Although lower in omega-3s than fatty fish, cod can still be part of a healthy diet. Cod contains less mercury than some seafood, including popular fish like tuna, and can be prepared in multiple ways.
4. Hake is considered a “source of potassium and phosphorus” and a fish of “high selenium content”. So hake has at least four unquestionable benefits for a healthy diet; It is low in fat, low in calories, a source of high-value protein and a significant content of vitamins and minerals.
5. Haddock is a good source of vitamin B6 and B12, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, and selenium. Like most fish, haddock includes Omega- 3 fatty acids, which may provide a wide range of health benefits.
6. Seabass provides 6 to 11 percent of your daily value for magnesium and potassium. They’re both good sources of selenium which your body depends on to produce antioxidants and to synthesize thyroid hormones. Sea bass for its rich source of vitamin B-6.Wild sea bass fillets from Peets Plaice in Southport

Earlier last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the UK, Kevin moved quickly to launch his brand new website as well as a home delivery service. Using his specially refrigerated van to guarantee freshness, his service, which is free for orders above £30, has proved to be a Godsend for many of his customers. 

Grab all six in this special offer pack perfect for this time of year and our individually vac packed fish portions are ideal for freezing from fresh in bulk.  Just take out and defrost what you need and when. 

The Fresh Fish Freezer Package at Peets Plaice in Southport


“Now we have our website and our home delivery service, ordering with us couldn’t be easier, while we’re also enjoying seeing customers in our shop at this time of year too.”

For more details about Peet’s Plaice please visit: or call Peet’s Plaice on: 01704 809340.