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We are now offering to deliver food to our customers FREE with an order from as little as £20.00:

£20.00 locally (L37, L39, L40, PR8, PR9, PR4)

£50.00 just past local (PR3, PR5, PR6, PR2, PR1, PR7, PR25, PR26, WN1, WN2, WN3, WN4, WN5, WN6, WN8, L38)

All National orders will have a £15.oo Postage and Packaging cost  (All other postcodes)

We have owned Peets Plaice in Churchtown Village in Southport for the past seven years.

And while we have built up a strong network of business customers, delivering to local restaurants, schools, care homes, pubs and hotels, we have only ever served shoppers from the shop on Cambridge Road.

Due to the increased business we can now lower our minimum order amount for delivery local to £20.00.

We have included a bulk buy section which is aimed at national orders ready to freeze individually vac packed.

We have a specially refrigerated Peets Plaice van and deliver to people who prefer to stay in their homes across the Southport and West Lancashire area.


He said: “A few customers have come in to ask ‘if we are going to be stuck, would you come out and deliver to us’?

“We have been here in Churchtown for six years now, since moving here from Southport Market, and this will be the first time we have done home deliveries. We thought we needed to take action and play our part pretty quickly.

“At times like this it is about community support and helping people. Our customers have been very loyal to us over the years, so now we are doing this, showing our loyalty back to them.

“All they need to do is call me or email me with what they need and I will deliver the food fresh and straight to their front door. We will deliver anywhere in the Southport area, right up to Tarleton, or out to Ormskirk or Formby and most of West Lancashire.

“All our fish and seafood is delivered vac packed individually.  All of our products can be ordered and payed for online at

Kevin is able to deliver a wide range of fresh and frozen fish and seafood to people between Tuesdays and Saturdays. Deliveries over £20 will be free, with a £3 charge for anything under £20 locally.

Customers can choose from over 100 products, with fresh fish such as cod, hake, salmon and halibut to frozen food including bags of Royal Arctic prawns, fish fingers, fishcakes and the famous Peets Plaice Southport potted shrimps – the perfect treat to keep in the freezer, or newly added boxes to suit your needs and requiremnets.

We catch and pot our shrimps fresh ourselves off the coast of the Southport coast. They are great frozen, perfect to get them in and stock up for when you need them.

“We have this brand new website where people will be able to book their orders and pay online.”

“We have hand gel here in the shop for staff and customers, wash our hands all the time and wear gloves when we are serving. For people who are starting to get nervous about coming out to the shops, we are more than happy to start coming out to them.”

Kevin Peet can be contacted by calling 07877125999 or email


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